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Booking Mobile  +39 328 53 77 623

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Music has always been an important factor for Giulia and her life thanks to his musician grandfather and to the more-than-ten-year studies of guitar and dancing, by becoming (when she was still a teenager) one of the first light-dj women of Italy and crowing, at the same time, her studies with a degree in Psychology - “Behavioral sciences and social and interpersonal relationships”.

Giulia Regain is an eclectic and creative artist; a pioneer who loves thrilling people with her djset&show of the #Gmagic Tour and its “magic atmospheres” by roaming freely among the different musical genres. For her, music means “love, freedom, energy and sharing”.

Her career has been a constant artistic evolution that represents the concept of “Regain” meaning “Restart, Re-conquer, and win back”

Her journey begun in 2005 with the choice of using vinyl and playing “House Music” in several clubs during the coolest parties, expressing herself with a self-named sound - aka Tech Sex House. Least bat not last, she also listens, produces and plays genres like chill out and lounge.

The year 2006 saw her playing all around Italy as a dj, managing at the end to perform abroad: Ibiza, Mykonos, New York, Miami, Montecarlo, Geneva, Lugano, St. Moritz, Megève, Courmayeur and Tirana being known in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Kosovo, Latvia, Mexico, Mauritius and many countries of North Africa and East Europe.

She’s also founder of the women’s group named “Satin Girls Show” composed of singers, violinists, saxophonists, dancers, trapeze artists and PRS; a whole “Made in Italy Female” with an “elegant and angelic” style that will lead her all around Italy, Europe and Tunisia.

In 2007 Giulia carried on her passion becoming a producer and recording her “Feel It”, published with her own discographic label – the “2DJs4LOVE Records”. Many of her works can be found on ITunes, Beatport and Spotify.

To be mentioned is the importance of year 2009, which gave her many prizes as the “Top Dj Girl Italia” for the “Trend Awards”, or the “Best Female European Dj for “Pink Armada” in Portugal, where she caught the attention of Pioneer’s jury.

In 2011, Giulia becomes Pioneer Testimonial & Ambassador and opens her blog “the perfect mix dj” about fashion, music and technology.

As of 2012, she is the face and testimonial of several fashion and hairstyles brands.

Her mixing can be listened as of 2014 on her “#Gmagic Radio Show”, a downloadable official Podcast on Itunes or by the App ” DJ Giulia Regain”.

Her style is extremely tasteful, yet energetic, girlie and full of  charisma and elegant woman, in life as well as when playing on a console: a show full of elegance and style. Characteristics that are reflected again her classy shows, reason why she is sought even for private luxury parties. Well-known boutiques and brands want to cooperate with her: Maserati, Bulgari, Rolex, Laurent Perrier, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Martini, Campari, Mario Valentino, and Vogue Fashion Night. The same is for luxury Hotels like Hotel De Paris (montecarlo), Hotel Danieli (Venice), Hotel Boscolo (Milan), Hotel Romazzino (Porto Cervo), Palace Hotel (Milano Marittima), WMC (Miami) and starred restaurant like Cienna (New York), Bal Harbour (Sardinia), Palazzo Corsini (Florence) and many others.

In 2016 Giulia becomes Testimonial & Ambassador for the Company Logli Massimo SpA.

Currently she’s placed #55 in the world list of the 100 women djs on and on .

Find out her #Gmagic world on her website ! Welcome!


“Thanks the Music I discovered my Essence: The Elegant”


“Even in the butterfly’s heartbeat, there’s music. Just listen”











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PIONEER DJ testimonial ambassador


Dj Producer | Managing Director G REGAIN Srl


DJ Giulia Regain (Internazionale)



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Rosario Brunetto DJ (Internazionale)

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Biografia Andrea Grandoni nato a Teramo il 31/07/1971, cresce a Pisa dove intorno l' età di 15 anni comincia ad entrare nel mondo delle discoteche . Sviluppato il suo talento per la musica viene contattato dal 1987 sino ad oggi nei club più famosi d'Italia come: Twiga Beach Club (Marina di Pietrasanta Lu), Faruk (Marina di Pietrasanta), Capannina Forte dei Marmi, Ostras Beach, Bussola (Lido di Camaiore Lu), Ostras Beach (Lido di Camaiore ), Canniccia (Forte dei Marmi Lu), Sunset Beach Club (Cinquale Lu), Decò (Isola d’Elba Capoliveri), Crocodaille, Caino Cafè contemporaneo (Pisa), Akuaketa (Pisa), Casina Rossa, Pianeta (di Lunata (Lu), Tenax (Firenze) Fulap (Firenze), Disco Le formiciche (Calabria), Apogeo, Disco 101 di (Sangiorgio di Nogaro), Mr Charlie (Lignano Sabbiadoro), Kursall (Lignano Sabbiadoro), Castello di Medea (Gorizia), Venus (Lignano Sabbiadoro) Flamingo (Udine), La Botte (Udine) Club Imperiale (Tirrenia Pi) Pappafico (Marina di Pisa), Boccaccio Club (Bientina Pi),La Villa (Montecatini), ecc. Accumulando 28 anni di carriera e di esperienza acustica, diventando un dj ammirato per il suo sound che varia secondo le esigenze dei locali. In questi anni si affaccia nel mondo delle produzioni discografiche lavorando su diverse traccie digitali che attualmente si trovano in commercio nei portali musicali web.  



DJ Andrea Grandoni (Internazionale)


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FERNANDO VITALE ex modello napoletano e attore e'diventato da 3 anni uno dei dj producer più richiesti dalle discoteche italiane . Amante della musica HOUSE , ma grande esperto di musica tech HOUSE ed elettronica , indovina in ogni serata il sound giusto e le percussioni da adottare come uno dei grandi di questo settore . Bello da guardare e da ascoltare un dj innovativo e fortemente richiesto . Destinato solamente a crescere .         

DJ Fernando Vitale (Internazionale)

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DJ Andrea Pipitone

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La professionalita' di un DJ non dipende dall'attrezzatura che possiede, ma dal buon uso che ne fa.



DJ Carol Fernandez (Internazionale)

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Per Gentile concessione AS Management

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